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“Your reliable partner in the IT, database and infrastructure environment.”

What we do

We make your company FUTURE READY.

We provide various IT services at the highest level so that you can focus undisturbed on your core business and thus shape your future.

We are Austria’s leading company in the field of services related to database technologies, specifically from the manufacturer Oracle, but also in the open source and cloud environment. In addition to our services in the field of database administration and software development, we also plan, implement, and sell highly available database infrastructures consisting of hardware and software, which we also operate.

We ensure that your data is always available, performant, secure, and stored and protected for its purpose with high quality. 

We prepare them for the future and deliver individual solutions and services that inspire. 

With our solutions for your complex requirements, we support you in maximizing your chances of success. We help you recognize and utilize the full potential of your data. That’s how we make your company Future Ready. 

Companies must always be able to access their data for business processes. Data is the most valuable strategic asset of a company that influences all levels of an organization and on the basis of which important decisions are constantly made. That’s why our motto is:

Data is everything!

A message from our CEOs

We are true enthusiasts when it comes to data.

That’s why over 22 years ago, we decided to offer holistic solutions for databases.

Because the heartbeat of most businesses is a powerful, secure, and always available database.

Our portfolio has expanded over the years – our passion has grown with it. We have a team of experts who ensure that our customers can always sleep peacefully and feel safe in our hands.

Our formula for success? Competence and trust, in our opinion, are the recipe for long-term and sustainable success. And we strive to give a little more for this goal than some of our competitors.

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Macek, Ing. Klaus-Michael Hatzinger, Managing Directors and Founders of DBConcepts GmbH


Who we are

Welcome to your database experts

DBConcepts Auszeichnungen

We are Austria’s leading company in the field of services related to database technologies, specifically Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSSQL, and MySQL.

In addition to databases, our core competence lies in middleware, highly available infrastructures, and managed services.

That we are the Oracle specialists has been verified by Oracle in numerouscategories in the past and confirmed with various awards such as “Specialized Partner”. In addition, we are one of the few Oracle partners in the entire EMEA region authorized to perform both hardware installation and software configuration for the Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

The demand for open-source databases is also growing rapidly in Austria. With the partnership of EnterpriseDB, we can offer professional software support and enterprise tools for the open-source database PostgreSQL in addition to our existing portfolio.

The company was founded in 2000 by the long-time-IT experts Dipl. Ing. Peter Macek and Ing. Klaus-Michael Hatzinger.

With headquarters in Vienna and a branch in Nürnberg, Germany, we employ over 50 employees who are deployed nationwide and internationally.

Our customers include companies from various industries in the SME sector, large companies in the healthcare, finance, and industrial sectors, as well as public administration.

How we are

Our claim to be the best in the field of database and infrastructure drives us every day. Continuous further education and regular certifications of our employees are a matter of course for us.

We achieve excellent performance for our customers through our highly qualified and motivated employees,

who provide quality and performance at the highest level through their commitment and the application of intelligent services.

Our relationships are based on trust and appreciation.
Our corporate culture is characterized by partnership and respectful cooperation with colleagues, customers, and partners.

In everything we do, we have the best result for the customer in mind. We ensure that systems function as they should and ensure a smooth workflow of daily work steps.

We not only follow the wishes of our customers but also offer solutions that advance their projects.

What is important to us


“Handshake quality” is not just a phrase for us – we deliver what we promise.

We are fast, efficient, and precise.

With us, our customers always have the certainty that their systems are running.


In everything we do, we have the best result for the customer in mind. That’s why we don’t stick to one solution but are flexible to find the ideal mix for our customers’ needs.

Unsere Werte bei DBConcepts


We are attentive listeners. We communicate openly and transparently.

Our customers personally know the management, sales, and support team members.

We are loyal and faithful to our customers.

Hunger for knowledge & curiosity

We strive to work with the best to offer the best solutions for our customers.

We rely on the smartest minds – our experts: Our employees are enthusiastic experts who think and act holistically and look beyond the horizon. They are persistent in problemsolving.

We increase our knowledge and experience in a vibrant network. We always learn from each other and develop ourselves and DBConcepts together.

Our History

Due to the high demand for IT specialists in the Oracle database field, the company is founded by four Oracle experts as DBConcepts Daten und Informationsverarbeitungs G.m.b.H. in Vienna-Simmering.


The foundation of our very successful, ongoing partnership with Oracle is laid. In addition to some freelancers, the first employees are hired, and our development department is established. Revenue exceeds 1 million Euros.

The number of employees grows to eight people. In addition to the business of freelancers, the first managed service contracts are signed with new customers. The team grows, and the office space needs to be doubled.


Our managed service contracts strike a chord with our customers and lead to an increase in revenue to almost 5 million euros, prompting us to rent the entire half floor at the Simmering location as part of our expansion.

We split our two business activities into two independent companies. The IT freelancer placement business is outsourced to a new company in St. Pölten. All business activities in the Oracle technology field remain with DBConcepts.


Our Exadata Database Machine is acquired for independent PoCs, and expertise in Engineered Systems is significantly expanded. Our team grows strongly in the area of managed services and is reinforced with additional SPARC/Solaris experts.

We move into our brand-new office at Lassallestraße 7a in Vienna, where we have almost 600m² available for our further expansion steps. On this occasion, the company name is shortened to DBConcepts GmbH.


 In our test lab, we have the latest servers such as Oracle SPARC Server, Oracle Exadata, and Oracle Database Appliance available for detailed PoCs. As the first Oracle partner in Austria, we are authorized to perform Exadata hardware installations and software configurations. Revenue develops to 9.5 million Euros.

DBConcepts Germany is founded with a location in Nürnberg.


We move to the ninth floor of the Ares Tower with a view of the Vienna skyline.

The financial investor INVEST AG from Linz participates in the DBConcepts Group and becomes part of the corporate family.


DBConcepts Business Continuity Management

We have a business continuity plan and active crisis management in place to respond to crisis situations and ensure the continuity of our business activities.

Our IT infrastructure for monitoring all customer systems is mirrored across two professional data centres in different districts of Vienna.

All employees use a virtual desktop via Citrix. This means that each employee can work from anywhere with an internet connection or mobile network via an encrypted connection.

Meetings among us, as well as with customers and suppliers, can also be conducted via video conferencing tools.


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